Scholars' Scholar

The FSDP Family of Scholars fund a Scholarship in their own name

If you can contribute, please do so using the button below

We need to fill this plane!

Our target is £12,000, the cost of one scholarship for 2024. Fill every seat on the plane and we have reached our target, and a new scholar can get airborne!

56/138 seats already filled

£4918/£12000 raised so far

Anthony George

Anthony George

Scholars' Scholar 2023

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Geoffrey Hames

Geoffrey Hames

Scholars' Scholar 2022

Chocks away
Geoffrey above, Jane below
With buddy Jane
With the team
A royal visitor
More food
Told to bring a sausage
The team
Out with Ben
Salisbury Cathedral
Out and about
Pre-flight checks
A visit from Will
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Phil Marlow

Phil Marlow

Scholars' Scholar 2021

Phil and mentor Amanda
With buddy Scott
Chasing the pot of gold
Air Chief Marshall Sir John Allison
Phil at the controls
The Turweston Team
Ground School
Turweston Control Tower
Flying through the clouds
Turweston Airfield
Silverstone race track
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Matthew Monaghan

Matthew Monaghan

Scholars' Scholar 2017

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