Selection 2023

Following the pre-selection process, the 19 candidates who have been taken forward will be interviewed twice at RAF Cranwell, once on the Monday and again on the Tuesday.  The interview panel convenes only for this occasion, therefore this process requires quite a strict timetable as you can imagine, so depending on your timings, you may be completely finished at different times to the other candidates.  All timetables will be announced nearer the date.  Following this selection process our final choice of scholars will be selected.  If you are unsuccessful at this stage, please do re-apply in following years (we can accept up to three applications).


Included in your timetable will be allotted time to have a full CAA Medical Examination with one of our qualified Aeromedical Examiners.  You will also have time with our Flying instructor team where you can discuss all matters relating to flying tuition, as well as enjoy first hand experience with the aircraft and how you will access and exit them!

PLANNED LOCATION: RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire

ACCOMODATION: You will be staying in a private bedroom with en suite within the Officer’s Mess.  These rooms are designed for serving RAF Officers, so offer little in the way of creature comforts.

We are hopeful that all candidates that have made it to this stage will pass both the medical and aircraft assessments, but should this not be the case, unfortunately, you will not be able to continue.  Again, if the reasons for you being unable to continue can be rectified in the future, please do feel free to re-apply (we can accept up to three applications).

The Selection Weekend is made possible with the help of our team of dedicated volunteers, including ATC Cranwell, and the ongoing support of RAF Cranwell. We thank you all for your tireless efforts.