Jo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009. She is in constant pain with spasms and overwhelming fatigue. She feels that it has taken over her life but deals with it because she feels there is no other choice.

“I found out about the scholarship through a previous scholar and the change in her has been remarkable. She has a new confidence in her abilities and seems a happier, contented person.

My confidence and drive to do anything is at an all-time low. I just think that life is so precious that we should be doing something and conquer our fears. That is why I wanted to apply for the Scholarship as flying scares the life out of me! When I look at previous scholars, I immediately see the smiles, real smiles and proudness. That’s what I would like to achieve. I just want to stop feeling scared and not waste my life.”

To learn to fly like me apply here

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