Since 2000 Julie has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and Otosclerosis. The MS causes severe chronic fatigue, weakness in her legs and painful muscle spasms and the Otosclerosis reducing hearing. These ailments have left Julie with a loss of confidence, feelings of frustration and isolation triggering mental health struggles.

“An MRI scan confirmed MS, but the fighter in me told me somehow I would find a way through. Having seen scholar Amanda Worne on T.V talking about FSDP I decided to apply.

I appreciate your scholarships are precious and I cannot begin to imagine the trauma that many of your applicants have been through. I need your help to turn my world back into colour, to find my courage and self worth, but above all I want to be back in a position to help others and to once again feel able to glance into a mirror and actually recognise the person looking back”

To learn to fly like me apply here

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