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Scholars Stories: Amputee to Pilot

Scholars Stories

In 2002, Alvin suffered a compound fracture
of his left femur and right fibula and tibia as a result of a motorcycle accident, which resulted in the amputation of his right leg. He is in constant pain and suffers with phantom pains at night but has accepted the person that he is and is grateful to have the limited mobility available to him.
I wanted to be considered for a scholarship as I have always wanted to
learn to fly but thought that it was beyond me. The time I spent at my flying club was incredible – I made lifetime friendships with my flying buddy Jonny and the flying instructors. I can now say to someone who is in the same position as me, that having a disability did not stop me from learning to fly. It has really been a massive thing in my life.
Alvin gained a scholarship at Turweston flying club in 2019 and did 16 hours of training on a PA-28. He also got to finish off his scholarship by going solo, something all pilots dream of.
I have always wanted to be seen as a strong dad by my children. My then eight-year-old daughter used to introduce me to her friends as ‘…my dad…. he’s got a stump
leg.’ However, recently she befriended a little girl on a camping holiday and said ‘My dad is learning to fly an aeroplane’. In that moment I grew four inches taller and could literally feel my superhero cape blowing in the wind! Thank you FSDP.