How Your Donation Helps

  • £10

    Will buy a baseball cap and a hi-vis vest

  • £2

    per month

    Will pay for a scholar's flying jacket

  • £10

    per month

    Will pay for one night's hotel and food

  • £20

    per month

    Will put a candidate through the RAF Cranwell Selection Centre

  • £50

    Will provide three hours of ground school

  • £175

    Will provide an hour's flying lesson

  • £500

    Will pay for a FSDP club event

  • £12,000

    Pays for a full scholarship

Figures are for illustrative purposes only. Where 'per month' has been shown, we are able to purchase the item listed with a full year's worth of donations.

How To Donate

  • Card

    Make a single or regular donation by debit or credit card

    Donate Now
  • Post

    To make a single donation or set up a regular donation by standing order please download and complete the form

  • Text

    Text FSDP02 followed by the amount to 70070. For example to donate £10 – Text FSDP02 £10 to 70070.

    You can donate
    £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. All the money you donate comes to us. You may be charged for your text message. Please refer to your network operator’s standard rates. Details on how to gift aid your donation will be sent to you by text.

  • Phone

    Call 01285 713299 to make a donation by phone.

  • Leave A Legacy

    Leaving a gift in your will to FSDP is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support us. We can provide advice and information about the easiest ways for you to leave a gift in your Will to us.

    Download our guide
  • Remember Someone Special

    If you’ve lost someone special, and would like friends and family
    to donate to FSDP in their memory, you can set up a
    ‘Someone Special’ page with Virgin Money Giving.

    Set up now

Fundraise For Us

Fundraising for us can help us really change the lives of disabled adults.

Taking on a personal challenge or getting together with friends, and family is a great way to support FSDP.

The only limit on what you do is your imagination! You could take part in an organised event such as a run, skydive, cycle or swim. Or why not organise your own event; from holding a coffee morning or pub quiz to washing cars or holding a sponsored silences – the options are limitless. See our A-Z of Fundraising below for more great ideas on how to get involved.

Once you’ve chosen your event, it’s time to start fundraising!  A quick and easy way to fundraise is to set up your own Virgin Money Giving page online. You can then send links to your pages to your friends and family so they can sponsor your event or post on Facebook or Twitter. Our Fundraising Guide will explain everything. 

Fundraise for us

A - Z of Fundraising

  • A

    • Ask -

      You'll never know if you don't.

    • Abseil -

      Scale a local building.

    • Auction of promises -

      Ask your friends, family or colleagues to promise to do something they wouldn't normally do; get your manager to make tea and coffee for a week. Colleagues can bid for their services!

    • Art -

      Ask friends who are artists or photographers to donate their work, or approach local artists. Stage an exhibition and charge entrance fee and commission.

    • Auction –

      Auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales.

  • B

    • Be enthusiastic!
    • Bad tie day -

      Charge your colleagues a pound to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner.

    • Baby Competition -

      Ask friends or colleagues to bring in baby photos of themselves. They then pay to guess who is who! Great fun.

    • Barbecue -

      Charge for food and drinks.

    • Bring & Buy Sale
    • Bungee Jump -

      Get sponsored to do a bungee jump.

  • C

    • Cake stall -

      Hold a cake stand at fairs. Make sure you check health and safety regulations first.

    • Cake baking contest -

      Or baking and selling cakes to colleagues or friends.

    • Car wash -

      Wash cars at shopping centres or office car parks.

    • Copper Coins -

      Collect 1p and 2p coins from colleagues and friends.

  • D

    • Donations -

      Ask companies to donate prizes, or a venue to hold an event.

    • Dress down day -

      Charge colleagues a fee to come to work in casual clothes.

    • Dry January -

      Get sponsored to give up alcohol for a month.

    • Diet -

      Get friends and colleagues to sponsor or join you, £1 for a lb!

  • E

    • Email -

      All of your friends and them involved.

    • Expert Talks -

      Ask people to donate their time and expertise.

  • F

    • Fancy Dress Party -

      Charge for entry and use donated items as prizes.

    • Football -

      Sweepstake for tournaments with friends or work colleagues.

  • G

    • Gift Aid it!
    • Garden Party -

      Sell tickets or invite guests to make a donation.

    • Gardening -

      Offer your gardening services to family and friends, in return for a donation.

    • Guess the number or name -

      Fill a large jar with sweets and guess how many are in it or guess the name of a bear.

  • H

    • Hair Shave -

      Get someone to have their hair or beard shaved off!

    • Halloween Party
  • I

    • Involve everyone you know!
    • Ironing -

      Offer your ironing services in return for a donation.

  • J

    • Join in -

      With an existing event in your community (e.g. fete) and run a stall or activity.

  • K

    • Karaoke Night -

      Hold your own night and pay to sing along to your favourite song, or perhaps get paid to stop!

    • Knitting -

      Knit and sell scarves, hats and more.

  • L

    • Lent -

      Get sponsored to give up chocolate or something sweet for lent.

    • Lands End to John O'Groats -

      Cycle from one end of the country to the other!

  • M

    • Make the most of your talents -

      Make jewellery, cakes, sculptures or cook food to sell.

    • Marathon -

      Get sponsored to run!

    • Mobile Phone Recycle -

      Collect old mobiles and contact Refuge to dispose of them safely. Charge a fee per phone.

    • Music Concert -

      Organise a musical event and charge entry fee.

  • N

    • New Years Eve Party
    • Non-school uniform day -

      Encourage local schools to get involved with your local charity.

  • O

    • Office swear box
    • Odd jobs -

      Help out friends for cash.

  • P

    • Press & Publicity -

      Contact your local newspaper and radio station and let them know what you are doing.

    • Pub Crawl -

      Raise money from donations as you visit each pub.

  • Q

    • Quiz Nights -

      Run a pub quiz and charge for each team entry; get your local pub to support you.

  • R

    • Racing Night -

      Place your bets - video racing night!

    • Raffles -

      Get local businesses to donate prizes.

  • S

    • Silence -

      Get sponsored to keep quiet for a day!

    • Sell charity merchandise
    • Skydive -

      Get sponsored to jump out of an aeroplane!

    • Stay-awake-a-thon -

      Get sponsored for staying awake for 24hrs.

    • Social Media -

      You can keep supporters up to date through the use of social media.

    • Stop Smoking -

      Get sponsored to give up.

  • T

    • Taxi -

      Your friends around at a fee!

    • Tea & Coffee Morning -

      Put the kettle on and get baking.

    • Tombola
  • U

    • Unwanted Gifts -

      Use unwanted gifts donated from family and friends as raffle or tombola prizes.

  • V

    • Valet Service -

      Why not offer to clean cars inside and out for friends and work colleagues.

  • W

    • Wacky ideas -

      Are the best.

    • Walk -

      10 miles or 100 of them - any distance is an achievement.

    • Waxing event -

      Wax your hairy chest - or someone elses!

    • Win a day off work -

      Ask your boss to auction a day off work!

  • X

    • X-Factor Themed Talent Show -

      Get people involved who like to sing, with a judging panel. Charge for entry.

    • Xmas Disco
    • X-treme sports -

      Get sponsored for doing a bungee jump or a skydive.

  • Y

    • Yes you can do it! -

      Fundraising may be challenging at times, but keep going and you will be surprised at how well you can do.
      Remember every penny counts!

  • Z

    • Zzzzzzzzz -

      Hold a pyjama party, or wear your pyjamas to work for the day ... it's for a good cause after all!

200 Club

Why not join our 200 Club?

The club gives you the chance of winning great prizes each month as well as special bonus prizes in addition to raising funds for FSDP.
To find out more and to join our 200 Club

click here

Support our Fundraisers

These people are currently fundraising for FSDP - please support them!

Steve rides trough the Jordanian desert on a horse

Steve who has one arm, will be riding through the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum to raise funds for a scholarship. He conquered his fear of horses after conquering his fear of flying.


Dawn Geer aims to lose 5 stone

Dawn who has Multiple Sclerosis overcame her fear of flying after being awarded a scholarship by FSDP. She now wants to raise funds to help another disabled person 'Reach for the sky'


Bethany Colburn takes to the skies with a wing walk

Bethany who has Cerebral Palsy is going to take to the skies strapped to the wing of a Boeing Stearman. She will be doing a barrel roll and a loop-the-loop during her wing walk!


Andrew Smart to trek 100km in Transylvania

In September FSDP supporter Andrew Smart trekked 100km through the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania, He self-funded the trip so every penny goes to FSDP.


Marian Stanley to run 500 miles in 2019 to raise £500

FSDP supporter Marian Stanley is to run 500 miles in 2019 to raise at least £500 for FSDP, Her challenge will include a half marathon towards the end of the year.



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