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Big Wing Update

What’s going on in the Big Wing at the moment? Well, yesterday evening, Charlotte Storey blew us all away (pardon the pun – she’s a professional saxophonist!) with her remarkable story, interviewed by Steve Robinson on his Wing Webinar. Thank you Charlotte for sharing your story! We have also seen the release of the new photography guide, and a new crossword challenge published, as well as the results of the poll launched last week. There’ll be some new merchandise and and “Ask the Instructor” live chat webinar coming soon where you can ask current BA Airbus pilot and Instructor John Sorsby anything you like (probably about flying!😁) and lots more to come…

If you are a friend or supporter of FSDP and would like to join the Big Wing, just go to, and fill in a very brief application form on the home page! We’d love to see you online! Don’t be shy, join the fun!
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