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What’s going on in the Big Wing?

If you’re a member of the Big Wing, there’s some interesting stuff going on in there at the moment!

David’s Crossword Competition – you can find this in the Learning Forum

A shop poll – What do YOU want to see in the FSDP shop, and in Duty Free – you can find this in the General Forum under “Have your Say”.

Tim Prince’s webinar date has just been announced – the 17th March, so sign up to join in, and ask any questions you like!

“Ask Gladys and Marge” will be coming soon to the Leisure forum, your opportunity to ask any photographic questions you may have of our professional photography team.

Please have a poke around the forum, there are all sorts of questions and discussions and fun things going on, also, please do chat with your friends (when we say it’s a private messaging system, it absolutely is, not even the administration team can see, so please feel free to use it!). Wherever you see little blue speech bubbles next to people’s names, this is a ‘message’ bubble to Privately Message that person directly.

Don’t forget also to check-in at the Bulletin Board frequently as all new additions like competitions, stock, offers, and updates are posted there!

See you online!

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