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Welcome to the Class of 2021!

Let’s all give a massive BIG WING welcome to the class of 2021.  Although not everyone who has made it past pre-selection will go on to be awarded a scholarship, they are now all part of the family, so please make them welcome!

Abby Garde-Upton

Albert Thomson

Alaric Pritchard

Arthur Moan

David Follett

Fleur O’Reilly

James Maddox

Lotty Hart

Majid Sohrabi

Matthew Williams

Philip Marlow

Scott MacLeod

Sheeba Mir

Simon Gillespie-Khan

Tim Mabon

Tony Richardson

Will Behenna

Yvonne McCarthy


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Class of 2021!”

  1. David Higham

    Hello everyone. I hope you enjoy the experience now you’re ‘part of the ‘family’. I look forward to meeting up with you all in the future when things get back to ‘normal’. Until then, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy what I hope will be an incredible ‘life-changing’ ride!

  2. Joanne Kay

    Good luck everyone. This will be an incredible adventure for you within a fantastic community of people. We are all here to support you and pass on our own stories and advice should you need it. Disability is celebrated here. Well done for all you have achieved so far.

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